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As founding member and CEO of GASM Recordings, Trust has dedicated 100% of his love, passion, time and knowledge to furthering drum and bass in the USA. He has skillfully applied his BA of Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania to develop one of the most reputable labels in the country.

Gasm Recordings boasts of some of the brightest stars in US drum and bass including Mason, Dstar, Swarm, Ixis and Motherbrain. The recent signing of Swarm's latest project "Enter the Hive" to Taciturn Records features, exclusively, tracks from the Gasm catalogue which have already been popularized by legends such as Hype, Dieselboy and Andy C.

Trust, the producer, has also been signed to powerhouse labels such as Eastside, Intasound and Gain. Few stateside artists have managed to receive such notoriety. Aside from the label's monthly event, Response, Trust regularly features in many cities across the country, notably LA, Miami, New York, DC and Baltimore. Having played at premier events such as Platinum, Recess, Direct Drive, Ultraworld, Dj Series and Respect, Trust knows first hand what it takes to make the crowd move. His music is designed to excite and motivate the audience to raise up their experience in music.

Not one to shy from the challenge, Trust has incorporated many diverse influences in both his djing and production. Lost in Bombay" has a subtle blend of near east sounds from banghra music whilst his Ode to Depeche Mode" features the dark styles of the Scottish new wave era. Of course his production includes the party jumping hip hop influences which are especially noticeable in his monster anthem "React" and one can tell, quite easily, that Trust spent many of his formative years in Detroit when one soaks in the techno driven "Fracture".

Current Top Ten:
1. React Rmx
2. Battle Scars - Bkey & Loxy
3. Neo - Hive
4. Infected Spirit - Dylan and Friction
5. Stripped Mode - Trust
6. Dark Fire - Mason
7. P.H.I.L.L.Y. - Trust
8. Ruff Rugged and Raw (VIP mix)
9. Star - Danny C
10. Trippin - A-sides

All Time Faves:
1. Unoffical Ghost - Doc Scott
2. The Shadow - Dom, Rob & Goldie (gold cover)
3. Remote Control - Digital
4. Fade II Black - Lemon D
5. Jah Bless - Usual Suspects

For more information on Trust please visit Gasm Recordings or e-mail