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Trust, Mason and Dstar have meshed their individual strengths and attributes to form the collective, Swarm. In a little over year, this Philadelphia based trio has signed releases with industry heavyweights such as Freak, Intasound, Eastside, Gain and Fuze.

Mason provides the hard dark edge soul, whilst Dstar brings to the table a generous knowledge of roots, funk and jazz. Trust draws from his varied tastes which include New Wave, Banghra, World Music, Hip Hop and Techno. This unique combination has resulted in amazing productions such as "Soul Sista", "Stand Still" and "Pride".

As individual artists, each has produced some of the biggest hits this year. Tracks such as "Ruff, Rugged and Raw" which feature the vocal skills of Armanni Reign as well as "React" are being popularized by the likes of Andy C, Hype and Bailey. Dieselboy has also signed Zero Sum to his latest mix cd for Dj Mag.

Their latest project, "Enter the Hive" an exclusive mix of 23 cuts produced by the Swarm boys and others on the Gasm Recordings roster is now available on Taciturn Records. The CD also includes exclusive VIP mixes of Firemin, P.H.I.L.L.Y. and Ruff Rugged and Raw featuring Mcs Armanni Reign and Sharpness.

It's Friday night and the monthly party, Response, is jammed with beats-frenzied junglists. The deep bass underlying crisp, meticulous breaks is accompanied by the hype masters Armanni and Sharpness who lead the crowd through uncharted landscapes of sounds and melodies. Those responsible for the searing energies devastating the revelers on the floor stand as a threesome, surveying and controlling their unassuming, ever wanting souls. This threesome is known as the Swarm!