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MC Skibadee may be the most innovative personality in drum and bass. Never one to "rest on his laurels", Skibadee has always pushed the boundaries. His success as a stand alone performer is unparalleled in the business and his popularity is always increasing. This high energy mc is guaranteed to excite any audience.

Skibadee began MCing in 1994, getting his break through Kool FM on a radio show he co-hosted with DJ Kane. At the time there was nothing like him on the air and the phone's were ringing of the hook. By early 1995 Skibadee was featured regularly at events such as Thunder & Joy, Spirit of the Jungle and his regular spot on City Sound Radio. It was not long after that Kool FM came his way and Skibadee began his fast rise to the top. By the end of 1995 Skibadee was resident for all Kool FM, Fever, T & J, Malachite, Electrybe, NJC, Designer label Ball and Innersense. Skibadee's time has come and he was more than just a household name.

Along with his partner, MC Dett, Skibadee launched a new project 2 x freestyle in lat e1997. The new style they developed was an accident really. The hip hop addcits just applied their drum and bass flow over the regular hip hop beat to get a double time effect. The single and subsequent video was a success and after being accepted on M.T.V. and the box, it blew up to number 3 in the beat box chart for several weeks, which was amazing.

In 1999 Skibadee began to notch up the first of 3 the Knowledge Awards for best MC. No mc has come close to achieving this accolade. Most recently Skibadee has signed to Virgin records with his debut album due out in the Summer of 2004. His crew, Platinum Performers have produced numerous hits over the years and some achieving commercial success.