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No one since Skibadee has caused such a stir in the North American drum and bass scene. In only one short year since joining MMI and Substitution, MC Sharpness now features at many of the nations top drum and bass shows and some memorable performances include the World of Drum and Bass (LA and Miami), Ultra and the world famous Global Gathering. MC Sharpness is also resident at Platinum, Heavy Duty and Destination.

Born in New York of Zimbabwean and American heritage, MC Sharpness skillfully integrates his varied social and cultural experiences when performing. Hip hop being his first love, Sharpness has stayed true to his identity by maintaining a distinctly urban flavor in his lyrics and delivery. Yet he is drum and bass. Sharpness lives and breathes the music he has adopted as his own.
His passion for music and excellence has driven him up the ranks quicker than anyone in recent memory. With impending releases on Taciturn and Gasm, MC Sharpness is set to catapult, not only his own career, but the recognition and accreditation of MCs in drum and bass. As one of the founding members of 5Sighted, Sharpness has set his sights on creating a new army of lyricists for all genres of music.

MC Sharpness has shared the mic with the likes of Armanni, Navigator, Skibadee and Dynamite for djs such as Andy C, SS, Ray Keith, Dieselboy and others. At 6’6” and towering over the audience, MC Sharpness commands a tremendous amount of respect from the audience whilst radiating an aura of pure energy. Though a comedian at heart, Sharpness is never one to fall short of accomplishment. His goal is to rock each and every party, making sure the masses reach their point of total satisfaction.