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True to her definition, Mis-Ty continues to represent vocal stylings and DJ sets that are full of tender emotion. As a child, her family influenced her musical interests, which led to performances in band, choirs, and musicals throughout grade school. It was in 1995 that this 15-year old high school graduate began college and found her niche at the college radio station, WKDU 91.7 FM.

A regular at rave parties in the tri-state area since high school years, Mis-Ty (which formed from "Miss Taryn") gained popularity through her solo-produced radio show, "Wicked Jungle". In 1996, she became "First Lady" of the Substitution Crew and began sharing her reflection of a love for music to audiences at clubs, raves, and other parties. A host of Guest DJ's would spin on the all-drum and bass radio show, giving rise and support to local talent and parties.

While record shopping, Mis-Ty sang a sample to a crewmate so she could figure out the name of the tune. A trip to the record shop became a jam session, and the First Lady was now an MC for the crew. Substitution members each bring something original to the stage. At a time where most MC's solely rhymed, Mis-Ty took the form of lead vocalist, mixing song with rhyme to form an uncommon style of MC'ing that was quickly embraced by audiences throughout the country and abroad. Having DJ experience and an intense knowledge of music doubled her strength as an MC. She "Moved the Crowd" while sharing the stage with the likes of L Double, John B, and Rap, and shared the mic with MC's like Skibadee and Foxy, performing parts of original scats, songs and covers over top of drum and bass music.

Mis-Ty began work on original projects with other performers, one of which led to the release of J-Smooth's "Come With The Realness", a track that Mis-Ty gave her vocals and lyrics to. The crew got larger, and eventually she decided to focus all her energies on her role as an MC, emphasizing her singing. She kept her radio show, but stopped DJ'ing at parties. Outside of the dance scene, Mis-Ty was a background vocalist for the neo-soul band, "Subtle Ground". Drum and bass/dance projects include her providing the intro to the Syrup Girls' first CD. She also co-wrote and performed original tracks with 5Sighted, which includes crewmates Armani Reign, J-Messinian, and Sharpness.

When off-stage, this MC/Vocalist maintained a profound interest in education that gave her letters after her name. Mis-Ty graduated with a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in the field of Psychology and earned School Counselor Certification. She works as a psychotherapist. Throughout all this, she continued to MC, only taking a brief hiatus to give birth to her daughter, Gabriela. Mis-Ty is currently working on original projects and still reigns as First Lady, mother, radio show producer, and wicked performer who is dedicated to lending her sultry, soulful, and fierce vocals to the stage and sound.