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“I live, eat and breath DnB, when my sweat falls off my forehead it falls to the ground like subsonic charges..I’m not just in this shit for the money and fame, I’m in it cause I love it. I can’t stop thinking about it. Everything around me revolves around beats and bass. I’m always striving to learn more, make more and hear more and to be the best at what I do. I just want to do the shit that makes me happy. I’m determined and passionate about everything I do, I put 200% into it. Rougher and Harder.” - Mason

Hailing from the area known as South Philly, the home of the legendary heavyweight, Rocky Marciano, Mason aka Myster Mason is as intense as anyone could be. This strength of character and no nonsense approach to life is the fuel to Mason’s powerful production style. With releases on Freak, Eastside, Intasound and the monumental signing to Metalheadz, Mason has exploded into the international arena. 2004 has nothing but good things in store for America’s brightest star.

Mason began djing in March 1998 with the most basic of set ups ( a belt driven Gemini, an old ass technic w/o a pitch-shift and a 2 channel mixer that barely even worked) . Within less than 6 months Mason quickly caught the attention of some of the leading promoters in the east coast, and landed his first gig at Space. From that point on there was no looking back and Mason quickly established his position as one of the top drum and bass djs in the east coast.

It was not son after that Mason took it to the next level. After seeing his mixtapes perform amazing sales numbers, Mason ventured into the world of production. Philadelphia, having a strong musical history and culture, was the perfect environment for a budding composer. Outside of drum and bass the likes of Beenie Siegle, The Roots, Jill Scott, Jazzy Jeff and more were developing into fantastic talents. Drum and Bass in Philadelphia was not to be left behind. The city boasted of the biggest and best line-ups that could be found anywhere in North America. Each week you could hear and see the baddest of dnb talent and being an integral part of the scene, allowed Mason to interact and feed from the most brilliant in the industry.

Mason is not only a musician but also an artist. His work is featured each year at the annual Mummer’s parade. This talent was used to design the environment and decorations for the events produced by Local 13 where he is the production manager.

Although Mason has totally immersed himself in the world of drum and bass, he has maintained a strong connection with the rest of the world. Like every Philadelphian, Mason has a fond love for hip hop and some future projects include work with the Mental Sharp. His tastes in music extend to rock, dancehall and house. He draws from each love to create a powerful and unique sound. His versatility and experience allow him to dj energy driven sets from massives of 5000 people to intimate events for even 50.