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Tech Itch -The Green- Penetration (Rmx) coming soon

Freak Recordings - freak003 (2003)
Mason / Mason and Dstar
Rough, Rugged and Raw feat. Armanni Reign / Zerosum Breakout

East Side Records- east54 (2003)
Soul Sister/Give In

Thrash 001
Mason and Dylan/Mason
Falling Away From Me (Rmx)/Suicidal Life

Freak EP- freak006 (2004)
Rough, Rugged and Raw VIP feat. Armanni Reign/Batcave/Toxic Shock/Light Cycles

Intasound – Inta 001 (2004)
Mason and Dstar/Trust
Iron Curtain/Redeemer

Bad Habit- Bad Habit EP- badhabit001 (2004)
Mason/Dylan/B Key/Mindmachine
Firemin feat. Armanni Reign/Off With His Head/Magma/Angst

Taciturn Records (2004)
Mason and Dstar/Trust

Gasm Recordings (release date tbc)
Dark Fire feat. Kameel/Stand Still feat. Kameel/P.H.I.L.L.Y./TBC

Fuze Recordings (release date tbc)
Hanger 18/TBC

Amess Recordings- amess002
Dstar (Additional Production and Engineering by Mason)
Lay It Down

Drum and Bass Arena: ( coming February 2004
Enter the Hive: Swarm Mix CD feat. Armanni/Sharpness and Kameel (1/04)
Live at Recess: w/ MC Armanni and Sharpness(5/03)
Live at Big Bad Bass: w/ MC Armanni/Sharpness/J Messinian/Mis Ty (7/02)
Live at Cinco De Mayo: w/ MC Armanni (5/02)
Bare Witness: 3/2001
State Side Warrior: Let the Onslaught Begin 12/99
Evil Minded: 4/99