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Hollertronix official site
Hollertronix was born 1 year ago in a Philadelphia basement by music producer Diplodocus and DJ Low Budget. Diplo and Lowbudget met @ an underground hip hop show in Brooklyn. After the discovery of their shared interest in cutting edge music as well as party favorites, the two began to brainstorm. They knew there was something missing out there, a void in music that needed to be filled. They decided to create a dance party based on their love of all music. Electro, Hip Hop, Dirty South Rap, Baltimore Club, Dancehall, , as well as dance classics, new wave, and rock this was the music they chose to mix.

The party began in a Ukranian dancehall in North Philly, dubbed by all as "the Ukie Club". Attracting a diverse young audience from hip hop heads to punk rockers. Hollertronix brought together a diverse mix of urban youth and friends who wanted to dance and hear proper DJs mix amazing music.

The Hollertronix vibe at the Ukie Club became legendary. The word was out. Turntable Lab in NYC decided to release the first Hollertronix mix - "Never Scared" - on their record label, Money Studies. When the mix was approaching release, Fader magazine did a huge feature on Hollertronix and sponsored the release party in NYC @ the Tribeca Grand Hotel a party that attracted over 500 people.

Since the release party, event after event in NYC continues to attract fans, press, celebrities and sponsors: XXL, Nike, Paris Hilton, Bacardi, Spike Jonze, Vice Magazine, Rheingold, Fader, Slick Rick and Cornerstone Promotions to name but a few. The press summed it up best recently when The New York Times (28th December 2003) declared the "Never Scared" release as one of the top 10 albums of 2003. Hollertronix has also taken Diplo and Low Budget to San Francisco for Fader, to Toronto, to bring in the New Year at the Mercer Union Art Center, to Europe and to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

Hollertronix' mission is to continue to bring their original Philly dance party and unique mix of music to everyone else in the world.