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John B is a name synonymous with originality. He has constructed some of the most daring Drum & Bass audio experiments of the last five years, and this is a consequence of his reluctance to pigeonhole himself under any one style. His refusal to conform to traditional methods means that his productive streak is ever changing; and so in delving into the timeline of John's musical career, some staggeringly contrasting and imaginative vinyl pressings can be discovered.

The only ingredient that is retained between each of his successive releases is quality; there is always thought present, as is hindsight. This quality is a trend that has existed in John's work ever since he first set sight on a synthesizer, as we shall now find out.

Way before the drum and bass boom of the year 2000, when the music was still in its teething stages; the sounds of the irrepressible Fabio and Grooverider caught the attention of our budding beats enthusiast, Mr. B; on their Kiss FM slot. Within a year of venturing to his first rave, John had already adopted this rogue art form as his music of choice; and was deep into the process of creating his own records.

Formation Records' DJ SS supported John's new-forged interest in the underground sound and encouraged him to cultivate it, upon hearing his demo tape. Then, staggeringly, and in a weird reverse of roles, John managed to catch the attention of the man who actually caught his attention in the first place, that being Grooverider. John achieved this through his first batch of promising 12" singles; which screamed out to DJs; such as the warped and foreboding 'Sight Beyond', and the contrasting, but musically accomplished 'Fermat's Theorem.' The chain reaction had now begun; and from hereon in, John never looked back.

In 1997, Grooverider requested for one of John's tracks to be included on his 'Prototype Years' LP - the album from which all future long players would later be measured. For John; who had only been producing for a few years, this was a phenomenal achievement. His creation, 'Secrets' now lay nestled in and amongst the 33-speed vinyl-grooves of legendary artists such as Ed Rush, Optical, Dillinja, Matrix and Grooverider; and so there was no turning back. The brooding track; complete with insane, blaring Armageddon screeches, and slimy, glutinous bass-lines, pushed John headlong into the spotlight of the scene; and people were watching. Inspired by his successes, B began brainstorming new tracks; and began to lay the foundations to his trademark sound.