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Greg Packer began dj-ing in the summer of 1989 whilst living in Northampton England. He began his career mixing hip hop but was also collecting early house and soul records. Greg then emigrated to Australia with his family shortly after and entered the West Australian dmc’s in 1991, winning that year and successfully defending his title in 1992. Greg started to dj in Perth nightclubs in 1990 mixing early house and techno with hip hop and early breaks.

Staying true to his beliefs Greg continued to push the sound of uk hardcore/breakbeat and saw it through the jungle / ragga /darkside / jump up era to the now sounds of drum & bass. Greg took time out in the mid 90’s to travel back to England and was fortunate to play at events such as ‘Dance Planet’ alongside prominent DJ’s such as Carl Cox & Slipmatt. He then returned to Perth where, over the next 7 years he collected numerous awards at the West Australian Dance Music Awards. Greg was also West Australia’s first dj to play drum & bass and the first Dj to mix live on Australia’s nationwide radio station JJJ FM back in 1994.

Greg also played at Perth’s first ever rave / club events supporting international djs such as Grooverider, Sasha, Carl Cox, LTJ Bukem, Prodigy.

Considered one of the busiest djs in Australia, Greg Packer holds numerous residencies and has played hundreds of shows alongside practically every drum & bass. Greg regularly tours the east of Australia and is a regular guest at various events in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane.

In 1998 Greg decided to take things to the next level and invest in a studio where he learned make his own music. After some encouragement from long time friend LTJ Bukem, Greg Packer started sending demo CD’s to various record labels. Carl Collins from Hardleaders was the first to sign one of Greg's tracks ‘We hear drumz’ back and then shortly after in 2001 Good Looking frontman LTJ Bukem took the second track ‘touch me’. Greg’s third release ‘you’re the one / wake up’ came out John B’s label ‘Tangent’.

Greg was well and truly on his way by now releasing music on labels such as Phuturistic Bluez, Phuturo (usa), Defunked, Chihuahua, Gain, G2 records, New identity, Jerona Fruits, Renegade, Big Dog (aus), Interphase (aus) Mango Funk.